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NBCOT Exam StudyPack™

The NBCOT Exam StudyPack™ provides a comprehensive package of NEW and existing Aspire study tools. A Full Practice Exam and domain MiniTests are exclusive to the StudyPack.

  • Pre-Test and 2 practice tests
  • Mini Test questions that provide the answer and rationale – 200 for OTR and 150 for COTA
  • Full Practice Exam that provides the same format and # of questions you will receive on your exam day
  • Online Study Guide with practice questions that include the answer and rationale – 200 questions for OTR and 175 questions for COTA (please note you cannot print the online version)
  • Flashcards (1000+ for OTR and 800+ for COTA)
  • Knowledge Match Game (32 games for OTR and 24 games for COTA)

The NBCOT Flashcards have helped me review key terms and definitions.  I can access them at anytime so it's been easy to just look them over on my phone while waiting for appointments or between classes.
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NBCOT Exam StudyPack™

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the practice tests that are available for sale individually the same as the ones inside the Studypack?
    Yes. The practice tests that you can purchase individually are contained inside the StudyPack.
  2. Is the study guide in the Exam StudyPack electronic or hard copy?
    The study guide available in the Exam StudyPack is an electronic version. If you would like a hard copy guide, you will need to purchase it individually.

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